March 31 & April 1, 2018


Saturday, March 31
7 pm Great Vigil of Easter beginning in the Bell Tower, then Historic Sanctuary

Sunday, April 1
8 am Contemplative Holy Eucharist in Chapel
10:30 am Holy Eucharist with flowering of the Cross in Historic Sanctuary
11:45 am Easter Egg Hunt on the Parish Green
11:45 am Noon Tea Reception


The feast of Christ’s resurrection. According to Bede, the word derives from the Anglo-Saxon spring goddess Eostre. Christians in England applied the word to the principal festival of the church year, both day and season. 1) Easter Day is the annual feast of the resurrection, the pascha or Christian Passover, and the eighth day of cosmic creation. Faith in Jesus’ resurrection on the Sunday or third day following his crucifixion is at the heart of Christian belief. Easter sets the experience of springtime next to the ancient stories of deliverance and the proclamation of the risen Christ. In the west, Easter occurs on the first Sunday after the full moon on or after the vernal equinox. Easter always falls between Mar. 22 and Apr. 25 inclusive. Following Jewish custom, the feast begins at sunset on Easter Eve with the Great Vigil of Easter.