About the Parish of St Paul’s Church

Easter2014148The Parish of Saint Paul’s Church is a vibrant, growing community of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark and Anglican Communion, located in the heart of Englewood, New Jersey.

St. Paul’s Church was incorporated in 1865. For 150 years, we have provided a place to worship God, experience loving community and minister to those in need. We share in worship and fellowship through the depths of our Anglican tradition and our unique heritage. Our Parish includes households from as far away as Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa, and as close Lydecker Street or Teaneck.

Easter2014075Our Mission, as St Paul’s, is to continue Christ’s life into the world by worship, loving God, and serving our neighbors. Empowered by God’s Spirit and our diversity, we endeavor to proclaim the Gospel, seeking truth, striving for peace and social justice.

As we celebrate the Parish’s sesquicentennial anniversary in this new year, come explore the many facets of our Parish and the ways we give shape to God’s transformation to the world. Join us for our excellent musical series, for classes for both children and adults, for coffee hour and other fellowship activities, or for the many ways we seek to extend God’s grace into the world around us.

We hope you may receive a measure of God’s grace and transformation, which we know well at St Paul’s, through any portion of what we strive to share.